Sonos Is Back

Sonos is back sponsoring the In Heavy Rotation section on the left sidebar.

Of all the ads that have run on my blog over the past three years, Sonos is my favorite. Not because I love their product (I do). But because they are doing something creative – sponsoring a widget on my blog sidebar.

I want to thank the sales team at Federated Media for getting Sonos back and I want to thank Sonos for their generosity (all this money goes to charity).

But most of all, I want to say that if you want the best way to turn your music library on your computer into the hub of your home music system, you should go out and buy a Sonos system. If I could take my payment for this sponsorship in Sonos systems, I would because I’d give them away to my friends and family as Christmas gifts and spread the Sonos love.

And to Sonos, here is a request. Figure out how to integrate Wolfgang’s Vault into your system. I’m listening to Elvis Costello’s 1978 show at Winterland right now on my laptop, but I’d rather have it on my home audio system so I could turn it WAY UP.

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