How Often To Post?

I’ve gotten great feedback on my How To Blog Your Way To Fame And Fortune post.  I appreciate all the comments.

There is one point that generated a few comments – is posting at least once a day a good thing?

I wrote in that piece that I always post at least once a day. And the comments I got suggested that I should rethink that. One said, if you read the blog in a feed, why does posting every day matter? Another suggested that the volume of posts makes the blog harder to read and takes away from the best posts. And there is always the point that you should only write if you have something to say.

So here’s my take on it. A blog is a conversation. It needs to be current and fresh. I hate going to a blog and seeing the same post at the top I saw last time. I want to be rewarded for the visit with something new.

In addition if I gave up the discipline of writing every day, there’s a chance I’d never write again. Its a habit, a hobby, and its therapy of a sort. I don’t feel complete if I haven’t written at least once a day. My blog is like a public diary. I am writing as much for myself as anyone else, probably way more for myself to be honest.

I also think posting every day leads to a larger audience. I don’t really know because I’ve never tried it any other way. But evidence suggests that the more posts per day on a blog, the more traffic it gets. Of course its not clear what is cause and what is effect. Maybe more traffic encourages more posts.

I don’t think that everyone who blogs needs to blog every day. But I do. It works for me in many ways. And so I’ll keep doing it

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