Top 10 Records of 2006 - Number Four

The best live album of the year, maybe the best live album in a long time (not including stuff like the Neil Young Fillmore record that was recorded over 30 years ago and just relased) is Okonokos by My Morning Jacket.

I got the record when it came out in mid September and had it in heavy rotation the rest of the year. The Gotham Gal and I got to see MMJ at Roseland in NYC at the end of November and they put on a show that is very similar to the Okonokos record.

MMJ is a great rock band who is better in front of a crowd than in a recording studio. The back to back jams that start the second side, Donate which is 11 mins long, and Run Thru which is 9 1/2 minutes long, are the highlight of this double live record.

If you want to hear what a great rock band circa 2007 sounds like live and at the peak of their game, get Okonokos.

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