Apple Store Soho

  Apple Store Soho 
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I hate to shop in stores. I love to shop online. That’s not universal in our family. The Gotham Gal and Jessica and Emily can spend hours strolling from store to store. But not me.

There’s really only one thing I’d rather buy in person than online, and that’s anything in the Apple Store. Howard compared it to a religious experience in the first Wallstrip episode and to be honest, he wasn’t far from the truth.

The minute you walk in you are greeted by pleasant young people with name tags who ask if they can help you. There is usually U2 or The Fray or Bob Marley playing loud enough that you can hear it but not too loud.

I told the young man named Patrick that I wanted to buy two Macbooks. One for the Gotham Gal and one to replace the old kitchen laptop. I told him I wanted them upgraded to the max ram.

He took care of it while I walked around the store playing with all kinds of fun stuff. I was out of there in less than ten minutes.

I had to come back an hour later to pick up the laptops because they did the RAM upgrade right then and there for me.

It’s a great experience in every way. They are pleasant, knowledgeable, and fast. And there’s ton of fun stuff to play with if you have to wait.

BTW – I now have four 512mb modules for the Apple MacBook. I don’t need them. If you want them, send me an email. First come, first serve. I’ll send them if you pay for the shipping.

UPDATE – The first response was a suggestion to give the memory to an open source project. Great suggestion and that’s where its going.