Ask The VC

I get questions posed to me by entrepreneurs all the time, either via private email or via public comments on this blog. The range of questions is wide and it’s clear to me that entrepreneurs are hungry for information on the startup process, the funding process, and a host of other issues.

I try to answer as many of these questions as I can, but I’ve never wanted this blog to become a Q&A service.

Thankfully, someone else has stepped up to the plate and done something to fill this need. Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson of Foundry Group have launched Ask The VC and it’s been up and running for a couple weeks now. I’ve added it to my daily feed (which is different than my feed reader/blog roll) and I plan on commenting on their posts regularly.

This is a great addition to the venture capital blogging phenomenon which I guess I helped to spark (but did not start). A lot of people scratch their heads about why so many VCs blog. Is it because we have all this free time on our hands? No, not really. I write most of my posts between 5am and 6am in the morning when the rest of my house is sleeping. I believe it’s largely a “thinking out loud” phenomenon. Our job is to identify trends early, find the companies that will benefit most from them, and then figure out how to get our capital invested in these companies. Thinking out loud helps on all three fronts. So I expect the “VC blogging thing” has legs and we’ll continue to see more of it, not less.

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