Community Powered TV

Wallstrip‘s monday show, Jack In The Box, which I ran on this blog was certainly one of the funniest things they’ve done so far.

So I am fascinated about the way it came about. One of the show’s viewers, Shane from WallStreetFighter, came up with the idea for the show and sent it to Howard. Now that in itself is pretty great. Does SNL take skit ideas from the people who watch it? I am not sure, but I think they should.

And Jason and Amanda from The Peeled Apple did the music and the vocals, which are a big reason why the show was so good.

So that show was a colloborative effort between Wallstrip and a number of bloggers. From the start, Howard has been serious about using blogs as the fabric of the show. I met Howard from his frequent comments on AVC. I would bet that he met most of the people involved in Wallstrip the same way. He is a master of networking via blogs.

So a natural next step would be for Wallstrip’s network of bloggers who watch the show, comment on it, and link to it, to start developing ideas for it. And there we have it – Jack In The Box.

What’s next? Does Wallstrip put up a page on YouTube where its fans can contribute shorts of their own about stocks? Does Wallstrip start recruiting talent for its shows from the audience? Who knows, but one thing I am sure, Howard is going to push the envelope of community powered TV. He gets it.

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