I knew it was going to happen. I stopped my regular routine of mp3 of the week on mondays, cliches on wednesdays, and nuggets on fridays, and I basically stopped doing those posts entirely. I am a creature of habit.

The mp3 of the week posts have morphed into everyday music posts with mp3s in them. That’s fine.

But the Nuggets and Cliches have disappeared from the blog and I miss them.

So I’m back with a Nugget. I was exercising this morning and wanted something with energy. But I also wanted something I hadn’t heard in a while. I was scrolling through my iPod and came across this gem from 1988 from The Pixies.

Surfer Rosa has all the energy you’d ever want in a record. But it also was incredibly influential. People say Kurt Cobain got the inspiration for Smells Like Teen Spirit from this record. It really doesn’t matter if that’s true or not, because Surfer Rosa is a hell of a record.

It starts with Bone Machine, peaks with Gigantic and Where Is My Mind?, and ends with the awesome guitar riffs of Brick Is Red. But the thing about this record that stands out most to me is the drums. Wow. I am going to play this record for Josh tonight. He’s got to hear the drums on it.

If you’ve got Surfer Rosa buried away gathering dust, do yourself a favor and pull it out and put it on and turn it up. It’s a Nugget for sure.


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