Paul Klee

One of my favorite moments of our two week trip to Italy was totally fortuitous. A museum in Rome called Memmo in Palazzo Ruspoli was having a retrospective on my all time favorite painter, Paul Klee.

I recall the first time I saw Klee’s work. The MOMA did a show on Klee probably fifteen years ago. The Gotham Gal and I went and I was just taken with his work. It’s a bit like Picasso and Kandinsky, but somehow it has more emotional power (for me anyway) than their works. Klee’s paintings talk to me.

I am particularly fond of the work he did in the last twenty years of his life during his time at Bauhaus and during his exile in Switzerland. The range of Klee’s work is really impressive. He paints in so many styles that it’s really impossible to categorize him. But at the same time, when you see his work, you know it immediately.

As I was doing some digging around collecting stuff for this post, I found out that the MOMA has show on Klee right now.  Cool, I’ll have to get up there to see it.

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