Placeblogging With Flare

Frequent readers of this blog may have noticed a new flare underneath my posts over the past week.


The flare I am talking about is the one on the right, the flare. I took this screenshot from the bottom of my Wincing The Night Away post. The show was at the Virgin Records store in Union Square, so I tagged the post with 10003, the zipcode of that location. Now when you click on the flare you’ll see that post and other posts that have been geotagged with that location.

If you look at the bottom of this post, you’ll see that the flare looks differently.


That’s because this post has not been geotagged in It’s not a "placepost". If you want, you can click on that flare and geotag it, but I wouldn’t suggest it. The purpose of is to collect geo-relevant posts (placeposts).

So if you are a placeblogger like Curbed or Eater or Gothamist, you should absolutely add the flare so your posts can get tagged and entered into And when they do get tagged, you’ll be doing your readers a favor by giving them a quick link out to more posts about the same neighborhood. Even if you only do a few placeposts now and then (like me), I think the flare is a great addition to a blog. I hope you agree.

The flare is one of the "official" flares at FeedBurner, so if you have a flare set up, its a snap to add it. Even if you don’t have a flare, setting one up is simple and I talked about how to do that in this post.

So start placeblogging with flare. Everyone benefits when you do that.

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