Welcome Back Gotham Gal

The Gotham Gal took a 19 day hiatus from the Internet and blogging during our holiday vacation. She got back online the other day and her first words of 2007 were a resolution to get a laptop so she can keep blogging while traveling. And you can see why when you read these four posts:


I think she spent almost a whole day on those four posts when you include downloading and uploading photos and going through her notes on everything we did.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, I suggest you read these posts. She reviews a ton of restaurants, sights, stores, and hotels. I could never pull that off. You can also tell she was rushing because her posts lack links and there are more than a few misspellings. If you come across one, just let everyone know in the comments.

I, on the other hand, did not go offline as this picture she took at the top of the spanish steps proves. I was grabbing a few minutes of email catchup while the kids had their portraits drawn. I find it easier to steal a few minutes here and there and stay up to date than deal with catchup when we get back.

#Blogging On The Road