Why I Prefer VC to Trading Stocks

Howard writes in the comments to my last post on Rhapsody vs iTunes:

The masses just could care less about this issue.  Check the stock prices.

It is fun watching you stir this up while we wait and see the end game.

I don’t want to focus on what the masses are doing now. I want to focus on what they will do in five years or even ten years. Everyone was buying SUVs in 2003. It would have been a great time to buy Toyota stock (TM). Hybrids are where its at now.

The iPod, iPhone and iTunes may be where its at in digital music right now. But what will that market look like in 2015? That’s what I want to know.

I am not trying to "stir it up". I am trying to initiate a discussion and debate about where all this goes. And the comments to that post were very helpful. Thanks to everyone who posted one, including Howard!

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