Another Good Reason To Get HD Radio

Most readers know I am biased on this topic by virtue of Flatiron’s investment in iBiquity, the developer of HD Radio.

But regardless of my vested interest, I think there are a bunch of good reasons to get an HD radio the next time you buy a radio:

– HD lets you get the free HD2 and HD3 channels where there is a ton of great programming, all currently advertising free. Here’s a listing of all the HD channels, including HD2 and HD3, in the NYC market.
– HD offers advanced data services on the radios, starting with things like artist, song, and title information, but over time including traffic, weather, and other real time data services.
– HD offers CD quality sound on the FM band and FM quality sound on the AM band.

But today, Don Imus talked on his show about another reason to get HD Radio. It turns out that there are places where you can’t get an analog signal, but you can get a great digital signal.

Here’s Don telling the story.

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