My Rant On Obama's Website

First, I had no idea that post would end up at the top of techmeme today. Slow news day I guess.

Second, I am not a tech luddite. I know how to use a computer and a broswer. I have the most updated plugins you can have. The announcement speech video didn’t work for me. And a bunch of other people too. Same with MyBarackObama. Here’s my profile on MyBarackObama by the way. (shit, don’t click on that link, you can’t link to a profile on his website. there’s no unique url for each member).

Third, I was not attempting some kind of hatchet job on Obama. He’s my favorite candidate of the bunch.

The reason I posted it was that I care about the net’s impact on or political system. Rightly or wrongly, I see the net as the greatest democratizing force to enter our society in several generations. And I want to see the candidates use the net to its fullest. Obama’s campaign couldn’t show me his annoucement video yesterday. Their social network pages wouldn’t load either. That troubled me.

That’s all there is too it.

Chris said I missed the opportunity to post about the speech. Yeah, but I couldn’t watch the speech.

Rob doesn’t understand why I want the posts I do here to show up on Obama’s website. If Obama wants me on his website, then he has to have this blog on his website. It is me.

Jerry says "in fact, the information you provide is demonstrably false and probably
something you did to screw up your configuration. All because YOU (as
in ME, ME, ME) couldn’t get your browser to work."

I forgot what happens when you start blogging about politics. Gotta get thicker skin.

UPDATE: Here is the link to my profile. Thanks Raffy.

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