On A Bus Somewhere In The Rockies

We landed in denver at noon today and boarded a puddle jumper to aspen. Just as we were about to pull away from the gate, the pilot canceled the flight because of high winds. The flight was going to be extremely bumpy and there was a good chamce we couldn’t land in aspen

I was down that decision but when we got back into the terminal, the customer service line was two hours long and we found out that every flight to aspen was overbooked for the next 36 hours and that I70 was closed through the vail pass due to blowing snow and high winds

I saw a couple headed off with a United customer service person so I made Jessica wait in line for me and walked over to them Turns out United had a bus full of people from earlier flights headed to Aspen. I asked if there were any seats left and they said five. I told them I had five people going to aspen and she said to grab our bags and come with her

The gotham gal was working on another plan which was to hire a car service to take us up to Aspen when I70 reopened but she did as ordered by the customer service person and quickly we were all on a bus headed to aspen

The driver knew a back way around the vail pass and so off we went. Well it turns out this back way is a seven hour detour through the heart of the rockies

Beautiful country but not what the gotham gal and my kids had in mind this evening

To make matters worse, I just got an email from my friend david who scored me a ticket to see arcade fire tonight at judson church saying ‘I just saw the next great rock band’ Ugh

Anyway, we’ll be in aspen in a couple hours but my family may not talk to me for the rest of the weekend

When travelling I always follow the rule ‘when the train leaves the station, get on it’.Who knows if it was the right call tonight, but that’s what I did.

#Blogging On The Road