If you look at the previous post, at the bottom of the post in the "flare" is a link to other stories about the neighborhood around "rat row". It looks like this:


Outside.in is a service that takes in posts about places, geocodes them, and then builds a robust set of web services around them.

Union Square Ventures participated in a first round financing for Outside.in a couple weeks ago and the company is announcing it today along with some new features that were rolled out this morning.

Here’s the Union Square Ventures blog post about Outside.in where I explain why the service is so interesting to us.

Here’s the Company’s blog post announcing the financing.

I’d encourage you to read both posts if you are interested in placeblogging and/or local media on the web. But if you don’t have time for that, just go visit outside.in and you’ll hopefully see why we are so excited to be involved with the Company.

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