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  Post Game Celebration 
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I used to post a lot about my girls’ basketball games. It’s one of the great pleasures to be able to watch your kids play team sports. As part of my effort to be a little less transparent when it comes to my kids, I’ve toned that down a lot in the past couple years.

But this week has brought some amazing exploits.

Emily is the captain of the LREI Middle School GIrls Team which went 10-1 (just like her sister’s team did two years ago) and they are co-champions of the league and have the first seed in the playoffs which start today.

Jessica’s LREI High School team had to win the last five games of the season to get to the post season including a one game mini playoff yesterday against BWL to make the tournament. Down the whole game, they manufactured a strong finish to come out victorious. It was some game. Bella put on a show. Way to go Bella.

Now The Gotham Gal and I face the solomonic decision about which game to go to today. Of course, we’ll split up with one of us going to each.

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