Search My Network

Almost from day one, it’s been possible to search AVC (first via google, then via yahoo, now via google). The search field is on the left sidebar, above the fold. I use it all the time to find my old posts.

I assume some people use it to find posts on things they are interested in, like my thoughts on term sheets, valuations, social networking, the Arctic Monkeys, etc.

Sometimes I won’t have what you are looking for. If it’s question about the venture capital business, I’ve got something better to offer now. You can search the entire venture capital network that I am a part of at FeedBurner.

The way to do that is go view the venture capital network badge on the left sidebar, below the fold in my house ads. It looks like this.


You’ll see that you can use this badge to advertise in the venture capital network (daily subscriber reach of 150,000 people who are interested VC), explore the venture capital network (62 VC blogs), and search the network.

This search feature is provided by a new social search company called Lijit. Brad Feld has more about this on his blog. Give it a try.

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