This Blog Is AnswerTips Enabled

With the dustup over Snap Preview fresh in my mind, I have taken the step of adding more popup bling to this blog.


The new bling is called AnswerTips and comes from, a former portfolio company of ours at Flatiron Partners. AnswerTips has been part of the company’s bag of tricks since before we invested in them (called Gurunet at the time) back in early 2000. You double click on any word that you don’t understand, and you get a popup that explains what that word means. Try double clicking on Arcade Fire in the previous post (or this one). You get a nice summary of the band, the band members, and their discography.

Probably the best thing about AnswerTips is that you won’t get a popup unless you really want one. Mousing over a the word doesn’t do anything. But the challenge with this model is that the only people who will know that this blog is AnswerTips enabled will be those of you who read this post.

I’ve added an AnswerTips logo on my right sidebar, but I doubt that’s going to mean much to anyone.

In any case, I like the feature. It’s non-obtrusive. And for those who know about it, I think it adds some nice functionality. I hope you agree.

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