Tibet House Concert

As my friend Steve and I were leaving The Tibet House Concert last night I got an email on my blackberry from my friend David.

R u at the Tibet House show — getting a Fred vibe.  Michael stipe, patti smith, ben harper, ray davies and lots more.  Very cool

Very cool indeed. Anytime you can listen to great music at Carnegie Hall, its a good thing.

But the lineup last night was really incredible.

Laurie Anderson
Ray Davies
Philip Glass
Deborah Harry
Lou Reed
Sigur Ros
Patti Smith
Michael Stipe

To be honest, Ray Davies stole the show. He was in a great mood, played more songs than anyone else, and the duet on Lola with Debbie Harry was a huge crowd pleaser. But my favorite moment was his rendition of Dedicated Follower Of Fashion. What fun that was.

The other highlight was Patti Smith. I’ve never seen her play live. She has an amazing voice and the finale with everyone on stage and Patti singing in the crowd had everyone buzzing into the streets. What a great night.


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