Will The Web Always Be The Minor Leagues Of Video?

Pete at Mashable (which I love) has the news that Lisa Nova is leaving YouTube for TV.

Lisa’s show is my favorite on YouTube (other than Wallstrip).

Here’s her show about training to be one of those people who dress up as Santa Claus and dance on the stage at Flaming Lips concerts.

Well, she’s headed to MADtv and Pete asks the obvious question:

The question is: will TV always be the pinnacle of fame?

Pete thinks that within a year, it may be possible to make a living on YouTube. I wrote a post last september, featuring Lisa Nova as the test case, that suggested Lisa could make money staying on YouTube. It was something like $7000 per month assuming a $15cpm and 33% of that going to YouTube. It would be interesting to know what Lisa is getting paid by MADtv.

Of course, the other consideration besides fortune is fame. Will Lisa have a larger audience on TV than the web? I have no idea what the audience for MADtv is. Her shows on YouTube sometimes would get more than 1mm viewers and almost always had well more than 100,000 viewers. So it’s not clear to me that TV is a better channel for fame than the web.

But for now, it appears that the web is the minor leagues. I bet it won’t always be.

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