An Empty House

So we moved our home the past two days. The Gotham Gal worked the send side. I worked the receive side. It went well, pretty much as we expected. Best we could hope for. And The Gotham Gal gets all the credit because it was well planned out. As a smart investor once told me, execution is easy once you’ve laid out the right strategy.

Anyway, I went over to our old place tonight by myself after dinner to do a walk through and make sure we didn’t forget anything.

Walking through an empty house (it’s no longer a home) is one of the strangest experiences. Where there was once a child’s bedroom where you tucked them in every night with a hug and a kiss is now just empty space, for someone else to fill with their dreams.

Where there was a big room full of memories of parties past, there is just a vast space, an empty bar, bookshelves devoid of the family photos and favorite books that showed the world who we are.

I am not a particularly sentimental person. I like to move on. And I am sitting here in our new place loving the new look, feel, and comforts of home. But I must say that for a moment, which passed as quickly as it came, there was a wistful feeling. And I suppose that’s a good thing.