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This clip comes from NBC’s NBBC service which is apparently going to be part of the News Corp/NBC thing that was announced last week. At least that’s what I read somewhere.

I think this is a big deal. We’ve got NBC making SNL clips available to be put on my blog.

But NBBC has a ways to go. First and foremost, not anyone can do this. You have to be invited into the beta to be able to put NBC video on your blog. When the service launches this summer, everyone can do it.

Also, the process of searching, finding, creating a playlist, and then publishing is way to structured for my taste. I think it should work like most of the web video services where you simply find the video you are looking for, watch it, and if you like it, do something with it.

I think these web video services have to be really simple to be successful.

Another issue is the NBBC player has no viral elements to it. Look at the Motherload player in the prior post and you can see they have URL and embed links right on the player (like all the major web video players have). Web video is about doing stuff with the content and the best place to make that functionality available is right on the player itself.

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