My Blackberry's Atwitter

It seems that the digerati (which I try my best to be part of) has gone nuts for a new social messaging service called twitter while down at south by shoutwest (sxsw).

I can’t be left behind so I joined yesterday and quickly friended a few people.

I went a step further by connecting my blackberry (via sms) to twitter.

Bad move.

My blackberry was buzzing like mad all day yesterday (I am a fan of vibrate, not ring) with tidbits like jason calacanis boasting about the weather in LA and that he made valleywag again.

I found out the jason chervokas was listening to classical music, that Charlie O’Donnell was leaving sxsw, and that friending techmeme on twitter is a crazy idea.

I am not entirely sure what’s new here. My friend Gordon Gould started UPOC in 1999 to offer a very similar service which unfortunately did noit take the world by storm (unfortunate because the gotham gal and I were investors).

I will keep trying to find value on twitter but I am going to turn techmeme off asap.

Sorry for no links and the typos.I am posting this from my blackberry while it vibrates with new techmeme messages.

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