Neil Young, Live At Massey Hall, 1971

Neil Young must have decided to start releasing a live performance each year or something. Last November, Neil put out a 1970 show at The Fillmore East. I’ve listened to that show at least a dozen times.

I found a new live release this morning on Yottamusic called Live At Massey Hall, 1971. Here’s the notes from Yottamusic:

Recorded on January 19, Young
test-drives newly written songs like "Tell Me Why," "Old Man" and
the ever creepy "A Man Needs A Maid" (with different lyrics
bleeding into "Heart Of Gold"), as well as songs that would
eventually become
Harvest. Other rare gems include "Bad Fog
of Loneliness" and "Dance Dance Dance" which was the blueprint for
"Love Is A Rose."

I love the intro to Old Man where Neil explains the genesis of the song. The show is mostly new music (new in 1971). Neil tells the crowd as he’s introducing Journey Through The Past:

"I’m gonna sing mostly new songs tonight. I’ve written so many new ones that I can’t
think of anything else to do with them other than sing ’em."

This is a must listen for any Neil Young fan. Great stuff.

You can get the record at:


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