New Music Monday

2007 is shaping up to be an amazing year for new music. I am still in heavy rotation mode with Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky, Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, Of Montreal, and The Shins. I am loving the new music.

But in the past week, songs from the Arctic Monkeys’ new record started leaking and you can hear them on The Hype Machine. I love these guys and I am confident they are not going to suffer from the sophomore slump. They are just too good.

While at The Hype Machine it came to my attention that the music blog world has gone mad for Amy Winehouse. I first heard of Amy from a reader named David who left this comment on my Cortez The Killer post.

I’m sure you already know Amy Winehouse but I love this song (Rehab) so much, I had to post it just in case.

I checked it out and David’s right. Amy has a cool sound. I was reading Mike Doughty’s blog (when is his new record coming out?) and he also showcased the same Amy Winehouse video. So I figured I’d do you all a favor and do the same.

What is it about these cool british girls like Lilly Allen, Josh Stone, and Amy Winehouse? It sure seems like the UK is bringing a lot of great new talent over here right now.

Another artist that is getting heavy airplay on The Hype Machine is Feist. I like her sound too. Check it out.

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