Now This Is A DoTube is a new show on VH1 that features short clips that are voted on by the audience.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the show to watch the videos, you can watch them, comment on them, and vote on them (when voting is open), on the web.

You can even embed the videos on your blog, like this one called Homeless James Bond.

I wish they didn’t close the voting. I’d like to be able to vote whenever I watch as show. Other than that, I like the feel of this service. You can have a profile, create a channel with your favorite videos in it, etc, etc. They’ve taken their lead from YouTube and that is smart. They seem to be using the Revver player which I like and the embed functionality works like a charm.

VH1 produces some of the shows and users upload the rest. A great way to marry professional and user content. That said, the VH1 produced shows have way more views than the user content so far. It will be interesting to watch how this develops.

My friends Michael Hirschorn and Fred Graver had a hand in making this show so maybe I am biased, but to me this is the way web video should be done.

And check out Who Farted for an example of how product placement might work in this model.

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