Outside The Echo Chamber

I relish the moments when I can get outside the echo chamber and figure out what the average american thinks.

Josh and I were on our way back from a great day of golf (it’s too warm to ski here in Colorado) and the guy who gave us a ride back offered to book us a dinner reservation. So we took him up on it. We stood there while he was messing around with the computer for a while getting frustrated. Then he turned to his colleague and asked him to help.

His friend said "don’t use Yahoo, Google is better". And proceeded to take control of the keyboard and within 10 seconds he had the phone number.

Our driver said, "why is it that Google is so much better than Yahoo when they are both owned by the same company".

At which point Josh looked at me with his strange look and I returned his look with one that said "leave it be". But Josh wasn’t going to keep quiet. So he said to the two guys, "my dad is going to invest in a company that’s going to be even better than Google"

Sure hope so Josh.

#VC & Technology