The National (continued)

Blogging is at best a discussion and my post yesterday about The National prompted this comment from Cameron:

Don’t know if you all have seen these videos which showcase tracks from Boxer.


"Start a War" is amazing. 
The blog in general is great. 

Posted by: Cameron Koczon

So of course I clicked on that link and found two videos taken of The National playing a couple songs one night in Southern France. This one shows them playing "Start A War" after a dinner outside under a tree. Here’s the description:

It was late, nearing the end of a typically southern diner beneath a
great tree. It was obvious that everyone there had to participate. I
think it was Bryan who had the idea to have everyone play in rhythm
with whatever he/she had in hand-glasses, plates, bottles, trunks of
wood. Hands. This unfolded gently, moving a little through the euphoric
haze of alcohol, a little through the heat of Spain close by.

How awesome is that? Now I have a small problem. As I mentioned in my previous post about The National, they are playing four nights at The Bowery in late May. The only night I am in town is May 31st and that show is sold out. Couldn’t find any tickets on Craigslist or Stubhub. I need two, one for me and one for the Gotham Gal. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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