Walter Reed

I grew up an Army brat, a child of the army life. Which included Army medicine. Say what you will about Army medicine, but it worked out pretty well for me. When we lived in DC when my Dad was in Vietnam, my mom would pick us up from school, pile us all in the car, and we’d head to Walter Reed so my brother could get his shots.

It was a haul and we did it at least every week. Walter Reed is located in northeast Washington, DC on the other side of Rock Creek Park from the northwest side of DC that was always my anchor and where my grandmothers lived.

I really never liked going there but who likes going to hospitals. However the fact is that Walter Reed Medical Center is where many of our countries soldiers come to be rehabilitated after being injured in war. In the time that I used to go there, there were men returning from Vietnam recuperating there. I don’t recall if we were exposed to that, but I certainly knew it was going on. Anyway, Walter Reed is a great institution named after a great man who helped solve the riddle of Yellow Fever.

And it’s a shame that it has become the latest Washington scandal.  The Democrats and Republicans should stop pointing fingers about who messed it up and just fix the place. There is no excuse for giving the men and woman who have sacrificed for our country anything but the very best care. Just because Walter Reed is in Washington doesn’t mean it has to be infected with everything that is wrong with Washington.