Winter Training

  RIT v Canisus – Fourth Quarter 
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Growing up there was nothing I hated more than early March lacrosse practice.

I was reminded of it today when I took Josh to his first baseball practice of the season in the snow on the freezing cold Hudson River at Pier 40.

Thankfully for Josh and me, his practice today was indoors.

Not so for my high school lacrosse team. Our first month of practice would be in sub freezing weather in the Stoney Lonesome parking lots (because we couldn’t practice on the fields until they defrosted and dried out).

That was hell. The combination of frostbite and ripped skin from falling on the blacktop gives me pains just thinking about it.

All spring sports start the pre-season in winter but in the northeast (and surely the midwest too), that takes on new meaning.

I call it winter training.

#Sucking In The 70s