comScore Responds To The IAB

In case anyone didn’t know, I am a longtime investor and board member of comScore. I am a huge fan of this company which does the best job of measuring the Internet of any company that has tried. It’s a tough job because many people think that the Internet is perfectly measurable. Some aspects of it are. Others are not.

Anyway, last week the new president of the IAB fired off a public letter to comScore and Nielsen, the two leading internet measurement firms, seeking a third party audit of their measurement systems. Valleywag had the story up mid/late last week.

Everyone who covered this in the media was hoping for a fight. But as evidenced by this press release issued by comScore yesterday, it looks like comScore is going to cooperate with the IAB.  Here’s a quote from Magid Abraham, CEO of comScore:

“I want to assure the IAB
members that comScore is committed to the digital media industry and strives to
provide, to the best of its abilities, accurate and unbiased measurement.  We
look forward to working with the IAB and the rest of the industry on establishing measurement standards for all participants.”

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