Favourite Worst Nightmare

After a month of listening to what I could get of this record on the Hype Machine, I got home last night and Favourite Worst Nightmare was sitting on the kitchen counter, having been pre-ordered so long ago I can’t even remember when.

It’s kind of funny listening to a record for the first time when you’ve heard at least half the songs at least a dozen times each. It still sounds brand new, but also comfortably old at the same time. I like the experience very much.

I knew this record was going to be good last year when the band put out one LP and two EPs with not a bad song on any of them. Alex Turner writes rock songs like Ray Davies. Catchy, witty, rock and roll. I’ll never tire of that kind of music.

This record flies by when you listen. 35 minutes, 12 songs. Most tracks are between two and a half and three minutes long. Quick punchy rock songs, delivered shotgun style, one after another.

Do Me A Favour and give this record a spin. You won’t regret it.

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