FeedBurner Rocks (continued)

Just the other day I suggested to the person managing a brand new blog that they convert their feed from headlines only to full posts. The blogger said, "then how do I track the number of views we get on our posts?"  Good question, simple answer. Run your feeds through FeedBurner. When you run your feeds through FeedBurner, you get stats on your feed audience that are as good and sometimes even better than you can get on your web audience.

But FeedBurner’s utility is not limited to small bloggers. Just today, FeedBurner announced that AOL has agreed to run hundreds of its feeds through FeedBurner. Here’s the post on the FeedBurner blog explaining the details of the relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you are a single blogger with ten subscribers to your feed or one of the biggest companies in the online world. When it comes to managing feeds, FeedBurner rocks.

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