Flying Blind

  BlackBerry 8700c "Electron" 
  Originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft.

I am one of those people who rely completely on my Blackberry. I don’t check voice mail anymore because all my messages are transcribed and sent to my phone via email where I can simply one click to call back.

My calendar on my Blackberry phone is like an instructor telling me where to go and what to do.

When I travel, I become even more reliant on my Blackberry. So when I landed in Oakland last night, I couldn’t send or recieve emails. I thought it was my phone. Every once in a while I have to reboot my phone. No big deal, it happens about once a month.

I rebooted about ten times in the past 12 hours. I asked our tech guy Rich to check the Blackberry server. All to no avail. I was scratching me head.

Then I saw this news. Blackberry (RIMM) is suffering from a system wide outage. Well at least that rests my mind.

But I’ll be flying blind today. If you need me urgently, call me.

UPDATE: I am back in business. Blackberry started working again around 10:15am EST today.

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