Goodbye Becky

Hammon_919We’ve had season’s tickets to the NY Liberty (WNBA basketball) since we moved back to NYC in 1999.

And we’ve gone to a ton of games. My two teenage girls grew up idolizing Becky Hammon, the Liberty’s star point guard and sparkplug. They both play point guard on their school teams although that’s likely to change this year when they both play together on the high school team.

Today I got the news on my blackberry that the Liberty traded Becky to San Antonio for the rights to Ohio State star center Jessica Davenport and a 2008 first round pick. Apparently the Liberty are trying to get younger and bigger.

My girls didn’t take the news to well. We’ll see how well they take to the team without Becky. They’ve watched the core team they grew up wtih; T-Spon, Crystal, Vicky, and Becky all get traded away. I guess that’s what happens when you are a sports fan. You learn to cherish your favorite players while they are around because nobody’s untouchable. Hell the Knicks let Patrick go and haven’t won since.

We’ll miss Becky and wish her well in San Antonio. We are already checking to see if we’ll be in town when San Antonio comes to the Garden this summer.