Joost Experiments With Video Ad Formats

I like what Joost is doing with their advertising formats. Instead of just copying the TV metaphor on the internet, they are experimenting to see what works. According to MediaPost,

Joost is offering
advertisers a range of formats beyond the traditional 30-second spot.
Ten-second and 15-second pre-, mid-, and post-roll options are all
available, all with interactive capabilities for users to delve deeper
into ad messages if they desire.

Another alternative is a roughly 5-second "Brought to You By…"
"introstitial," according to Elders. "We’re going to be doing a lot of
experimenting around our three core principles of targetability,
measurability, and interactivity," he said. "There are a lot of
unknowns, and we really don’t know yet what viewing patterns are going
to be like."

In addition, rather than interrupting programming, Joost will run ads
alongside content known as "hand-raisers," which users can click for
more information either within Joost’s platform or on a brand’s own Web

What I’d like to see some brand try is a 3 second pre-roll, a 5-10 second mid-roll, and a 30 second post-roll, all tied together intelligently to tell a complete story if you watch all three ads. And supplemented by text or banner links for the deep dive. I think that would work really well on the Internet.

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