Led Zepplin To Reunite and Tour

Bob Lefsetz has the news:

At a press conference in Bron-Y-Aur early this morning,
Jimmy Page announced that to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of
Aleister Crowley’s death, Led Zeppelin will reunite.  Although
reporters joked that a seance would be held to bring John Bonham back,
Jimmy cracked nary a smile and said the drums would be handled by Zak
Starkey.  Rumormongers believed Jason Bonham would sit behind the kit,
but after attending a recent Who show, Jimmy determined the diminutive
Mr. Starkey would invigorate the players most, and perform for less,
since he had something to prove, his father still being alive.

There will be no agent.  No one was willing to work for the one percent
Jimmy offered.   Instead, Jimmy has made a direct deal with AEG.  Turns
out with Beckham injured, Philip Anschutz has some newly-freed up cash,
and he jumped at the chance to ice Live Nation’s puck.

The initial gig will take place at the Oakland Coliseum, and the
co-promoter will be Gregg Perloff’s Another Planet, as penance for the
beating of Bill Graham’s employee back in 1977.  To insure there will
be no fracas this time, there will be no custom signage, nothing for a
member of Zeppelin’s entourage to covet.

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