My Visit To Jib Jab

‘s starting to do some interesting work for me. The guys from Jib Jab saw on my blog yesterday morning that I was in Venice, California. They emailed me and invited me over to visit their offices. Jessica wanted to go to Santa Monica to hang out with her friends for an hour so I dropped her off and went over to Jib Jab.

Jib Jab is one of those companies that’s been focused on web entertainment since the first bubble and survived. I’d put and a few others in that category. It’s not a large group and those that survived did it with a combination of chutzpah and great content.

Everyone’s familiar with This Land and probably a bunch more of Jib Jab’s viral videos. They also have their own user generated funny video service called Jokebox.

We talked about how they are moving from a one way "broadcast" model which got them through the lean years to a "DoTube" model where everyone can participate in a Jib Jab video. They’ve got some neat ideas which I won’t blog about, but you’ll see roll out in the next several months.

Here’s their latest, called What We Call The News.

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