I just talked to the Gotham Gal and the kids. They went to see The National and Arcade Fire play Radio City last night. And as I expected, it was a transcendent experience. Radio City is my favorite place to see a show and The National and Arcade Fire are two of my favorite bands working right now.

I am beyond bummed out that I missed a great show. But hearing the excitement in Jessica’s voice when she told me about Win’s blowup at the security guards who were getting between him and his fans was good enough for now.

The internet connection I have here in my hotel in SF won’t let me upload files to the Internet so here are some Hypemachine links in case you want to join me and listen to The National and Arcade Fire this morning.

The National

Arcade Fire

Credits: The photo that decorates this post was ganked from Muzzle of Bees where you can read a review of last night’s show.

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