Dissing The Gotham Gal

The Gotham Gal came home yesterday with a bunch of Hamptons Magazines in hand. One of them had a list of the top 10 real estate deals in NYC/Hamptons this year. Right near the top at number two was a picture of yours truly. The sale of our NY townhouse earlier this year still seems to be making news. We learned our lesson. We won’t be buying homes in our own names anymore.

But that’s not what bothers me. The short blurb was all about me, not a word about the Gotham Gal. If our life together was a venture partnership, Flatiron and Union Square Ventures would be my deals and the real estate would be hers. She’s the one who bought that house, fixed it up, and ultimately sold it. But just because she’s a woman and I am the "man of the house", I get the credit.

It’s not right. The world we live in is still way too sexist for my taste.

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