Getting The Story Straight

I am not commenting on the rumors about Wallstrip being acquired. I guess time will tell if they are accurate or not.

But let’s get our facts straight.

I did not invest $500k into Wallstrip. The Gotham Gal and I did put some money into it but it was an order of magnitude less than the number that’s being reported.

Union Square Ventures has not invested in web video content (not yet anyway) but I felt that through a small personal investment in a web video startup I could gain some much needed insight into what’s working and what’s not working in web video. I’ve learned a lot about both through our investment in Wallstrip. Plus the team (Howard, Jeff, Adam, Lindsay, and the rest of the crew) has been a joy to work with.

In addition, I have not, did not, and will not negotiate with anyone to sell the company. That’s for Howard and his team to do if they want. I am simply an angel investor in Wallstrip who has provided some advice and counsel from time to time. I appreciate that people think VCs like me make all this stuff happen, but that’s just not true.

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