Giuliani Has Guts

Let me preface this post by saying that I don’t like Rudy at all. I had eight years to watch him in action in NYC and I feel that he’s a bully, he’s intolerant, and he’s more of a divider than a uniter.

It speaks volumes about his leadership that a rookie politician, Mike Bloomberg, has completely and totally outclassed him as Mayor.

That said, I admire what Rudy did yesterday. He took a stand, a hard stand, for choice, for gun control, and for gay rights.

He said that the republican party has to move to the center to win in 2008.

Of course that’s the only way he’s gonna win so he had to do this.

But contrast his stand with the leading democrats – Obama and Hillary. What unpopular stands have they taken? I can’t think of one.

I am a party of one and maybe not representative, but I am looking for someone to tell us what they think, not what they think we want to hear.

It looks like we might get Hillary vs Rudy in 2008. It’s the senate race we were supposed to have six years ago here in New York. Unfortunately for all of us, the best New Yorker for the job is Mike Bloomberg who apparently can’t win because he’s not really a member of any party other than his own.

Bloomberg for President in 2008? I wish.