More DoTube

I’ve been kind of quiet on the DoTube front for the past couple weeks but I wanted to tell all of you parents about a DoTube for your kids.

If you have kids under the age of ten, you probably know about the KidzBop phenomenon. It’s a collection of eleven CDs (so far) featuring popular songs sung by kids. It’s been a huge sucess.

So the people behind KidzBop (who are friends of mine) have taken the next logical step. They’ve launched in beta and are going to use it as a platform to create a web based version of American Idol for kids.

If you’ve got kids with musical talent, go there and upload a video of them doing their thing. Here’s Josh and his band doing Jimi Hendrix and The Killers.

But my favorite is our friend Noah on the piano singing James Blunt. He’s got my vote.

Now the point of my DoTube posts is to be critical. And on that front, I’ve got to say that KidzBop is missing a ton of interaction points, possibly on purpose. You can’t embed the videos (or I would have), you can’t comment on the videos, you can’t vote on them (other than by favoriting them), and you can’t collect them. You can tag them, but I couldn’t find a way to browse the tags. It’s beta, I’ll give them that, but this could be so much better. And I hope it will be.

But judging by Josh’s reaction this morning when he spent all the time he had between breakfast and school on the site, I think they may be on to something. It’s certainly a great way to extend the KidsBop brand and I hope it succeeds.

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