Now That's Ridiculous

The Wall Street Journal says that a concert series is planned for the Hamptons this summer called Social that will have five shows; Tom Petty, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews, Prince, and James Taylor. You can’t go to each show individually, you have to go to all five shows. And one seat for all five shows is $15,000. So the Gotham Gal and I would have to lay out $30,000 to do this. Not happening.

I think we are basically the target market for this. We love to go see live music. We’ can afford the nutty ticket price. We’ve got a house on the east end and are there most every weekend in the summer.

But this is so far from what I’d ever associate myself with. It makes me sick. First the price. It’s outrageous. Gatsby all over again.

And the acts? Prince is cool. I’d see DMB too. And Tom Petty is basically a rock god. But Billy Joel and James Taylor haven’t done anything good in decades.

How about The Shins, Decemberists, Wilco, Josh Rouse, and Lucinda Williams the last three weekends in July and the first two weekends in August at Maidstone park for $500 total. Now that’s a killer idea.

Social is silly. But I bet it works. It’s the Hamptoons after all.

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