Rock's Not Dead

Standing outside of Hammerstein Ballroom at 10 30pm on a muggy spring night in NYC watching about a dozen tanked brits chant football cheers.


  Arctic Monkeys At Hammerstein 
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That’s what the Arctic Monkeys fan base is all about. Singing out loud at the top of their lungs, they know every word, and these are their boys.

And mine too. The Arctic Monkeys are high octane rock and roll. Somewhere between The Kinks, The Clash, and The Stooges.  But with something all their very own. That thumping bass line and the twin guitars driving every song.

The Gotham Gal says their songs sound the same to her. I suppose, but not if you’ve listened a hundred times to each of their songs in the past year.

Rocks’ not dead. It’s alive and well in Sheffield England in NYC tonight. And I for one am glad to have witnessed it (and the drunk lads too).

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