The Learner's Permit

  Jess Driving 
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They make you take a test to get a learner’s permit in New York. I think they should make the parents take a test too.

I found myself in the passenger seat with my oldest daughter behind the wheel for the first time today and I realized that I had no idea what the right level of oversight was.

We were headed out to get coffee and muffins at Mary’s this morning and when we got there she was not parked exactly right. I grabbed the wheel from the passenger side and showed her how to get the car at the right angle. That wasn’t cool, she told me. She said I could tell her anything but grabbing the wheel was off limits.

I guess that’s a good rule until we are about to hit something or someone.

She drove three times today with me in the passenger seat. She did great. And I think I did pretty well too.

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