All Apologies

Pietro said in his comment to my Reminder post this morning:

It’s a shame that your multi-millionaire ego prevents you from saying
the four hardest words in the English language: "Sorry, I was wrong."

And I do feel like apologizing.

Not for the Microsoft People Ready thing. That’s way overblown. But for two things related.

I am sorry I called Jeff Jarvis "old school". He’s not old school in the least. His comment to the Reminder post is one of the best things I’ve read in this whole Microsoft advertising affair. Like all things Jeff Jarvis, it’s too long and I am not going to cut and paste it here, but click on this link and scroll down. It’s great.

I am also sorry for the arrogance that was on display yesterday and today, as called out by Michael in his comment to the same post. Again click on this link and scroll down.

Arrogance is a personality trait I’ve had since birth. Ask my brothers and parents. I am not proud of it and I’ve worked hard to mute it. Not alway successfully. And since this blog is me, it will reflect that from time to time.

And for that I am sorry.

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