Comment Of The Day

From Jeremy on my Widget Metrix post:

i think this is a good step in measuring widgets and giving advertisers and publishers a better understanding of their reach. however, i only hope to see more widget metrics that go beyond the pageviews and unique visitors to really show who and what visitors are actually using the widgets.

i come across many small and large sites daily having 5 or more widgets on the page, of which i might look at or interact with one. yet, each of the widgets track me as a unique viewer.

it’s one thing to be on a popular page and incur a unique visitor to your widget stat, it’s another thing entirely for the visitor to take notice of the widget or interact with it.

If I get one more email from someone bragging about the millions of Facebook users they’ve got using their app, I am going to declare bankruptcy again. What I want to know is what apps are people actually using.

#VC & Technology