Don't Do That

I am catching up on my reading after a wonderful day off to celebrate 20 years of marriage and reading that Yahoo! is talking to News Corp about a business combination of MySpace and Yahoo! that would result in News Corp owning 25% of the merged entity.

And I’ve got The Rollings Stones greatest live record, Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!, on the turntable and Mick is shouting:

Oh dont do that, oh dont do that, oh dont do that

And that’s what I want to tell Jerry Yang and the Yahoo! board. Don’t do that!

MySpace is a tired social network that may have a ton of traffic but it has peaked. It doesn’t have mojo anymore.

Like AOL in 1999, it will take years before people realize it.

MySpace isn’t worth 25% of the combined company.

Facebook, yes, MySpace no.

[i am not saying Facebook is worth $12bn, just that a business combo with Facebook would be great for Yahoo!]

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