Has He Been Saving All This Up?

I am in awe over the quality of Marc Andreessen’s blogging. How come he waited so long to do this? Has he been saving these posts up for years and is now laying them on us day after day?

In less than two weeks, he’s written a classic post on web 2.0:

what we have seen over the last several years is the Web itself coming into its own.

After an initial phase of the Web as a medium, in which lots of people attempted to make the Web look like a newspaper, or a magazine, or a TV channel,
we as an industry have recently been collectively developing a much
clearer idea of what the Web is really like as a medium in and of

A three part essay on venture capital which I’ve already linked to extensively on this blog.

And a killer post on Facebook, platforms, and I believe, the future of social networking.

Be careful Marc, you are setting a very high bar which is going to be really hard to maintain.

But I hope you can keep it up because you are giving yourself, your thoughts, and your ideas to the web at large and I am loving every minute of it.

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